[R]Challenge : Lancement de l’appel à projet d’expérimentation

Publié le : 31.01.2018

[R]Challenge : lancement d’un appel à projets d’expérimentation de solutions numériques
dédiées à l’amélioration de la qualité de l’air, organisé par la Métropole de Lyon en partenariat avec ATMO Auvergne Rhône-Alpes et la Caisse des Dépôts.
Jusqu’au 15 mars 2018, les porteurs de projet peuvent candidater pour bénéficier d’un accompagnement à l’expérimentation de leur projet dans le territoire de la Métropole de Lyon.
La Vallée de la Chimie est potentiellement un territoire d’atterrissage pour les projets.
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Visit by the President of Lyon Métropole to Chemistry Valley with the focus on energy

Publié le : 13.12.2017

On 7 December, David Kimelfeld visited the Elkem Silicones site at Saint-Fons.
He was accompanied by Vice Presidents Roland Crimier (energy) and Bruno Charles (sustainable development), the Delegate Councillor for Heat Networks Samia Belaziz and the Mayors of Saint-Fons, Solaize, Vernaison and Irigny.
The delegation was welcomed by Elkem Silicones representatives who presented the site’s activities and development dynamic, illustrated by a recent investment of 15 million euros. More precisely, the energy managers at Elkem and Solvay Belle-Etoile explained the organisation and energy challenges of the Valley’s industrial eco-system, in particular with regard to the supply of steam. Representatives of Suez promoted the Suez Val’Energy project, selected in the Appel des 30 !, which aims to supply carbon-free steam to chemists, from commercial waste transformed into solid recovered fuel (SRF). The potential offered by the recovery of unavoidable energy from industrial sites to supply urban heating networks (Thermicity study) was also discussed by the various stakeholders.
These are all very interesting subjects in the context of the Métropole’s public policies such as the Territorial Energy and Climate Plan and the Master Energy Plan and public-private strategic approaches such as Valden (cf. news of 23/10/17).

A first in France: 8 innovative productive landscape experiments in Lyon Métropole

Publié le : 13.12.2017

Following the Appel des 30 ! 2016 Edition, 8 demonstrators are being rolled out in Chemistry Valley, in particular for biomass production and soil fertilisation.

They cover an area of 21 hectares, have the benefit of 5 million euros of investment and will generate the creation of around fifteen new jobs by 2020.
For over 10 years, Lyon Métropole has been taking steps to manage the natural resources in its territory. Already working hard towards 0 agrochemicals and 0 waste, it is today leading innovative thinking on the subjects of sustainable short-circuit resource management, the creation of fertile soils, soil clean-up, biomass cultivation, and the biodiversity and aesthetic of industrial landscapes.

A number of projects are being developed in Chemistry Valley:
– At Saint Fons: 6 landscape architects are involved in the Fertile Land 2.0 project, the first platform for the recycling and fertilisation of earth excavated in the Métropole
– At Feyzin: Serpol is developing a polluted earth treatment platform by using a phytoremediation process
– At Pierre-Bénite: a number of projects are being rolled out in the field of soil biodynamisation, the construction of Biotechnosols, the production of short-rotation coppices, biomass preparation, by the companies Soupe, Valorhiz, Société Forestière de la Caisse des Dépôts, Suez, Valterra, Absra&Racine, and Ain Environnement.

On the occasion of the PAYSALIA show, around 200 landscape professionals gathered at the Lône de Pierre-Bénite to find out more about these projects.

20 October: ENGIE inaugurates its GAYA platform at Saint-Fons

Publié le : 30.10.2017

GAYA is a demonstration platform for the production of biomethane from dry biomass (straw, wood etc.).
Located on an industrial site previously owned by Rhodia at Saint-Fons, it was inaugurated on 20 October last in the presence of its many partners, including Roland Crimier, the Vice-President in charge of Energy at Lyon Métropole.
Cofely, a subsidiary of ENGIE, will now be trialling the process which comprises 4 main stages: 1) preparation of the biomass 2) gasification of the biomass heated to close to 1,000 degrees, followed by gas purification 3) conversion of the gas produced into methane 4) biomethane separation.
This demonstration project has required investment to the tune of 60 million euros, including almost 19 provided by ADEME in the context of the Investments for the Future programme.
The biomethane produced has the same properties as natural gas and in time it will be possible to use it as a bio-fuel for transport or as a green gas for domestic uses.
GAYA is a flagship for the industrial renewal of Chemistry Valley, by virtue of its exploration of the thermochemical production of green energy and transformation of an old brownfield site.

Lyon Métropole and 10 manufacturers in Chemistry Valley embark on the VALDEN procedure

Publié le : 24.10.2017

The industrial ecosystem of Chemistry Valley is still very reliant on chemical and refinery businesses (6,000 direct jobs).
The economic development strategy for the Valley aims to bolster this industrial base by expanding it to include the complementary sectors of energy and the environment.
Energy is a significant competitive challenge for the chemicals sector which is a big consumer, and the link between chemistry and the environment, characterised by the Axelera competitiveness cluster, is well-established.
By virtue of its expertise, Lyon Métropole manages several industrial sites in these sectors in the Valley or on its periphery: the Energy Recycling Processing Unit on Edouard Herriot Port, the wastewater treatment facilities in Saint-Fons and Pierre Bénite, and the urban heating networks in Lyon Métropole Centre and Venissieux.
New private energy production and / or waste recycling projects are appearing in the Valley, in particular via the Appel des 30 !
In this context, Lyon Métropole and 10 manufacturers have decided to embark on “VALDEN”, a strategic, prospective and collaborative approach to the challenges and potential of Chemistry Valley in the areas of energy and waste.

On 23 October, the partners signed a confidentiality and collaborative agreement so that they could get the first diagnostic stage underway, scheduled for completion in January 2018.

Update on projects report by the APPEL DES 30 ! 6 months after their selection

Publié le : 11.10.2017

10 projects were selected in April 2017 and were set to utilise 25 hectares of real estate and over 200 million euros of investment, and to create up to 170 direct jobs.
All the projects are still active after 6 months.
Deltalys launched its production activity on the Kem One site at the start of 2017.
Suez has consolidated its projects with 3 chemists in the Valley who could be consumers of steam produced by CSR and, in September, submitted an application to ADEME’s Energy CSR call for projects. Terbis has worked on the feasibility of its project, in particular the technical design of the installation and the definition and security of the personnel of various stakeholders entering / leaving the site.
Terre et Lac & Langa have boosted the first tranche of the photovoltaic installation programme, namely the roofs of the Arkema warehouse and a JTEKT building (1.1 MWc in total), which had been successful in the CRE’s call for tenders in September. With regard to the second tranche, i.e. the shades on the car parks at Arkema, JTEKT, Kem One, Vos Logistics, Total Cres and IFP EN for 5.9 MWc, Terre et Lac & Langa now aims to present the files to the CRE on 1 December.

The group of 6 landscape architects “Terres Fertiles 2.0” is currently creating an ad hoc company which will carry the project for implementation on the Saint-Fons Sampaix site by mid-2018. Finally, Lyon Métropole, in conjunction with the CNR, has over the summer been working with the 5 productive landscape project owners Soupe, Valorhiz, Valter Biomasse, Absra/Racine and Ain Environnement in order to produce a coherent installation plan for the Lône in Pierre Bénite. Decommissioning works on the site will also be carried out in early 2018 by Lyon Métropole. Projects should be physically in place by mid-2018.

10 winners for the second edition of L’Appel des 30!

Publié le : 24.04.2017

On April 20, ten winners were designated by Lyon Métropole and its partners in the context of the second edition of L’Appel des 30! begun in September 2016.

Projects are divided among the three targeted areas of activity:
– Industry, mainly in the field of renewable energy and the environment (winners: Deltalys, Suez, Terbis PHP);
– Photovoltaic energy, which reinforces Chemical Valley’s status as a Metropolitan Energetics Plant (winner: Terre et Lac – Langa);
– Production, with the positioning of innovative demonstrators for the production of biomass and land remediation (winners: Terres Fertiles 2.0, Pépinière Soupe, Valorhiz, Valter Biomasse, ABSRA & Racine, Ain Environnement).

These projects will mobilize 25 hectares of land resources and potentially more than 200 million euros in investments.
They will be deployed over four municipalities in Chemical Valley (Irigny, Saint-Fons, Solaize and Pierre-Bénite) and will allow the direct creation of up to 170 jobs.

Twenty projects submitted on February 28 for the Appel des 30!

Publié le : 13.03.2017

On the basis of 27 applications that were pre-selected in November 2016, 20 projects were submitted on February 28.
Since they complement each other, several pre-selected candidates were grouped together to create a more comprehensive project.
The final list of projects is as follows:
5 industrial projects: Deltalys, Engie, Suez and Terbis (2 projects)
9 photovoltaic projects: Cap Vert Energie, CNR, Fonroche, GEG, Greenyellow, SERL Energies+EDF, Sun’R, Terre et Lac+Langa, Urbasolar.
6 production projects: Ain Environnement, Absra+Racine, Terres Fertiles 2.0, Pépinière Daniel Soupe, Société Fôrestière de la Caisse des Dépôts+Suez+Valterra+Pépinières Naudet and Valorhiz.
Lyon Métropole services, industrial companies from the Valley and partners will now proceed to the analysis of projects to determine the winners by the end of April.
Stay tuned…

BLUESTAR SILICONES celebrates its 10-year anniversary and invests in Chemistry Valley

Publié le : 20.02.2017

On 16 February 2017, Bluestar Silicones celebrated its ten-year anniversary as a member of the Chinese Bluestar group, a subsidiary of ChemChina, and its 60 years of silicone manufacture on its iconic Saint-Fons site. Frédéric Jacquin, CEO of Bluestar Silicones, inaugurated the Elastomer production shop for an investment of 15 million euros, sponsored by Mr Ren Jianxin, President of the ChemChina group, in the presence of Michel Delpuech, Prefect of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and Prefect of the Rhône, and Gérard Collomb, Senator and Mayor of Lyon and President of Lyon Métropole, and all its partners.

This celebration demonstrates on the one hand, Bluestar Silicones’ commitment to remain a player in the economic and social dynamic within France, and on the other, a new ambition of global growth.

27 candidates pre-selected for the second edition of L’Appel des 30!

Publié le : 30.11.2016

The Selection Committee of L’Appel des 30! has chosen 27 candidates to move up to the project phase. These pre-selected candidates have until February 28, 2017, to provide full details on their project.

Applications are very diversified because of the new industries targeted by the call for projects:
 Industry: 6 candidates focusing on the production of renewable energies and the circular economy: DELTALYS, ENGIE, SERPOL, SUEZ, TERBIS “PHP”, TERBIS “RECMAT”.
 Photovoltaic installations: 12 operators were pre-selected to develop installations on roofs and/or parking lot canopies: CAP VERT ENERGIE, CNR, CS SOLAIRE, FONROCHE, GEG-VALECO, GREEN YELLOW, IKAROS SOLAR, NEOEN, SERL ENERGIES-EDF, SUN’R, TERRE ET LAC-LANGA, URBASOLAR.
 Production: 9 pre-selected candidates with three platforms to prepare biomass for installations that produce green energy; 5 candidates in the area of land remediation with plants and the production of fertile land; and a project for the production of biomass: ABSRA, AIN ENVIRONNEMENT, RACINE, SOCIETE FORESTIERE, PEPINIERE SOUPE, AGREGE SUEZ, TERRES FERTILES 2.0, VALTERRA, VALORHIZ.

For the Pollutec show, Lyon Métropole has organized a speed-meeting among candidates, owners and partners, for a total of 160 get-togethers focusing on project enrichment.

“We are very pleased with the number of applications for this second edition of L’Appel des 30! We also note the broad variety of projects in new industries that were not present for the first edition. This is reassuring with respect to our goal of accelerating the development of cleantechs in the Chemical Valley area,” concludes David Kimelfeld, Vice President for Economic Development for Lyon Métropole.

Twenty-nine applications sent in by October 31

Publié le : 25.11.2016

The first phase of the call for projects, which ended on October, led to the collection of 29 candidatures
Among the three targeted industrial sectors, candidates are mostly from the energy and environmental sectors, with a significant number of applications involving green energy production – including solar panels – waste processing, depollution and the production of fertile soil.
By the end of November, the application analysis phase will result in a final selection.
The next step of l’Appel des 30! will take place at the Pollutec show at Lyon Eurexpo.
Speed encounters will be organized on November 29 to allow pre-selected candidates to meet their counterparts, the owners and technical and financial partners, for the purpose of enriching the candidate’s project. During the show, the Chemistry Valley Team will also be present on the Lyon Métropole stand to promote the call for projects and, more broadly, the dynamics of Chemistry Valley.

Visit land and real estate opportunities on September 15 and 29, 2016

Publié le : 25.11.2016

Do you have a project and are interested in the opportunities offered by l’Appel des 30?
Take advantage of site visits on September 15 and 29 that will be organized in partnership with industrial owners.
You can get a more precise idea of the most appropriate sites for your project through a dynamic program of visits that features discussions with owners, representatives of Lyon Métropole and other candidates.
To learn more about the scheduled program and to reserve your place, call the Chemical Valley Mission at or send an email to