The Appel des 30 !

Assessment criteria

Assessment criteria

  I am a business in the chemistry-energy-environment sector I am a service company, an association or a group of residents/employees
Quality of the candidate/group profile
Suitability with the chemical-energy-environmental targets of the Appel des 30 ! Link with the Vallée de la Chimie ecosystem
Project impact on the territory
(jobs, quality of life…)
Strengthening of the existing industrial ecosystem

Contribution to the dynamic of economic renewal (implementation of activities with a strong cleantech and innovative dimension)

Development of concrete synergies with the existing industries

Creation of new jobs, including positions for low-skilled applicants
Development of an innovative service/offer

Improvement of the working environment and/or of the living environment in the Vallée

Positive impact on the environment

Creation of new jobs
Project attractiveness regarding real estate and development
Implementation of innovative solutions balancing the constraints of soil contamination and technological risks, while guaranteeing people’s safety and preserving the project financial feasibility

Architectural quality of the project: quality of the buildings / sites, treatment of the surroundings, performance in the landscape and urban insertion of the site
Financial viability
Intrinsic financial strength of the candidate / group

Project’s ability to minimize the mobilization of public funding, especially in the area of ​​planning