A first in France: 8 innovative productive landscape experiments in Lyon Métropole

Publié le : 13.12.2017

Following the Appel des 30 ! 2016 Edition, 8 demonstrators are being rolled out in Chemistry Valley, in particular for biomass production and soil fertilisation.

They cover an area of 21 hectares, have the benefit of 5 million euros of investment and will generate the creation of around fifteen new jobs by 2020.
For over 10 years, Lyon Métropole has been taking steps to manage the natural resources in its territory. Already working hard towards 0 agrochemicals and 0 waste, it is today leading innovative thinking on the subjects of sustainable short-circuit resource management, the creation of fertile soils, soil clean-up, biomass cultivation, and the biodiversity and aesthetic of industrial landscapes.

A number of projects are being developed in Chemistry Valley:
– At Saint Fons: 6 landscape architects are involved in the Fertile Land 2.0 project, the first platform for the recycling and fertilisation of earth excavated in the Métropole
– At Feyzin: Serpol is developing a polluted earth treatment platform by using a phytoremediation process
– At Pierre-Bénite: a number of projects are being rolled out in the field of soil biodynamisation, the construction of Biotechnosols, the production of short-rotation coppices, biomass preparation, by the companies Soupe, Valorhiz, Société Forestière de la Caisse des Dépôts, Suez, Valterra, Absra&Racine, and Ain Environnement.

On the occasion of the PAYSALIA show, around 200 landscape professionals gathered at the Lône de Pierre-Bénite to find out more about these projects.