20 October: ENGIE inaugurates its GAYA platform at Saint-Fons

Publié le : 30.10.2017

GAYA is a demonstration platform for the production of biomethane from dry biomass (straw, wood etc.).
Located on an industrial site previously owned by Rhodia at Saint-Fons, it was inaugurated on 20 October last in the presence of its many partners, including Roland Crimier, the Vice-President in charge of Energy at Lyon Métropole.
Cofely, a subsidiary of ENGIE, will now be trialling the process which comprises 4 main stages: 1) preparation of the biomass 2) gasification of the biomass heated to close to 1,000 degrees, followed by gas purification 3) conversion of the gas produced into methane 4) biomethane separation.
This demonstration project has required investment to the tune of 60 million euros, including almost 19 provided by ADEME in the context of the Investments for the Future programme.
The biomethane produced has the same properties as natural gas and in time it will be possible to use it as a bio-fuel for transport or as a green gas for domestic uses.
GAYA is a flagship for the industrial renewal of Chemistry Valley, by virtue of its exploration of the thermochemical production of green energy and transformation of an old brownfield site.