27 candidates pre-selected for the second edition of L’Appel des 30!

Publié le : 30.11.2016

The Selection Committee of L’Appel des 30! has chosen 27 candidates to move up to the project phase. These pre-selected candidates have until February 28, 2017, to provide full details on their project.

Applications are very diversified because of the new industries targeted by the call for projects:
 Industry: 6 candidates focusing on the production of renewable energies and the circular economy: DELTALYS, ENGIE, SERPOL, SUEZ, TERBIS “PHP”, TERBIS “RECMAT”.
 Photovoltaic installations: 12 operators were pre-selected to develop installations on roofs and/or parking lot canopies: CAP VERT ENERGIE, CNR, CS SOLAIRE, FONROCHE, GEG-VALECO, GREEN YELLOW, IKAROS SOLAR, NEOEN, SERL ENERGIES-EDF, SUN’R, TERRE ET LAC-LANGA, URBASOLAR.
 Production: 9 pre-selected candidates with three platforms to prepare biomass for installations that produce green energy; 5 candidates in the area of land remediation with plants and the production of fertile land; and a project for the production of biomass: ABSRA, AIN ENVIRONNEMENT, RACINE, SOCIETE FORESTIERE, PEPINIERE SOUPE, AGREGE SUEZ, TERRES FERTILES 2.0, VALTERRA, VALORHIZ.

For the Pollutec show, Lyon Métropole has organized a speed-meeting among candidates, owners and partners, for a total of 160 get-togethers focusing on project enrichment.

“We are very pleased with the number of applications for this second edition of L’Appel des 30! We also note the broad variety of projects in new industries that were not present for the first edition. This is reassuring with respect to our goal of accelerating the development of cleantechs in the Chemical Valley area,” concludes David Kimelfeld, Vice President for Economic Development for Lyon Métropole.